Matthew Acquarelli, directorDirector

Matt Acquarelli has always been interested in creating worlds outside of the real one. After viewing the first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he became fascinated with using movies as a medium for immersive storytelling and creativity.

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Michelle S. Nishimura, producerProducer

Michelle has lived in Southern California all her life. Up until she started college at CSUN, she lived in Santa Clarita, CA. All she had was movies as a kid - no television. She found them to be a great escape from the real world. Growing up watching countless of films, she's always known that she wanted to make movies. She has never stopped for a moment to bring that dream to fruition.

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Rosemary DominguezProducer

Having an diverse background has been beneficial in multiple ways. Being of Mexican and Polish descent (with a hint of Japanese traced back a few generations ago), has given Rosemary a multi-faceted perspective on the world around her. Despite a rich family history and childhood study in art and singing, she has finally settled on filmmaking after spearheading her high school's Artistic Vision Academy.

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Mykee Del Mundo, cinematographer


As a first generation American raised by a newly immigrated family, Jan-Michael (Mykee to his friends), draws from an eclectic cultural pool emphasizing hard work, positive inter-personal relationships and an ever voracious hunger to learn more and do better at the craft that chose him; cinematography.

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Micah Chase, editorEditor

Micah Chase has been working in the entertainment business for the past twelve years in various capacities. Growing up he would spend time with his father who had been in the entertainment business for over twenty-five years as a radio morning show host and television news personality. Micah knew he wanted to work in the business and decided at a young age that it was going to be behind the camera.

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Richard Duryea, script supervisorScript Supervisor

Richard Duryea became interested in films when his father showed him Star Trek Four: The Voyage Home. He instantly became interested in classic science fiction and began to write his own at an early age. Drawing inspiration from the early works of Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick, Richard wrote stories of exploration and adventure that spanned across fantasy realms to the outer reaches of space. He finally saved up enough money to buy his first camera and immediately began creating films with his friends and family. With each new project Richard continues to learn from past mistakes and constantly moves forward to make each one better than the last.

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