Danielle Shaw

"Sarah Ferguson"

Danielle Shaw was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas and then proceeded onto the Little Apple (a.k.a. Manhattan, Kansas) where she attended Kansas State University graduating with a B.S. in Life Science. She has always been very curious and tenacious, which at times can be a deadly combination. 

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Emilio Palame

"Carl Ferguson"

His birth name is Emilio, but throughout his young adult life, he was known as Emi. After he moved to Los Angeles, and began to gain some notoriety, people would pronounce his name "Emul," "Ameal," "Eeemahl" ...so to make a long story short, he decided to go by Emilio. When you tell someone your name is Emilio, "like Emilio Estivez," it always comes out right.

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Parker J. Wright

"Jay Ferguson"

Parker Wright was born and raised in Santa Barbara California. His entire life I has been doing everything from acting, to singing, to beatboxing, and making different accents/voices. In February of 2011 he moved to the Los Angeles. Ready for the fast-paced awesomeness that was to come, he prepared myself mentally for denial at auditions. Luckily there has been more callbacks than being sent home, thanks to his philosophy of being 'in it to win it.'

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William Knight"Reverend Hanson"

William Knight is a Los Angeles native who began his career on stage at age five. He served four years in the Air Force then studied theatre at Los Angeles Community College. What would follow would be a strange road, first beginning where no man has gone before, to soap operas, then New York, then back to space, and with plenty of theater thrown in for good measure. In fact, the only thing keeping him on Earth is his love of acting, his son....oh and his two pet wolves.

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Natalie Alexander"Nancy Ferguson"

You've probably heard Natalie Alexander in more movies in the past ten years than you'd think. This Grass Valley, California native knows that life follows along interesting roads, and simply keeping in touch with the world around you will lead you to pleasant surprises.

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