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The story of a boy and his father. Of laughter, joy, and how experiences that push a family to the brink can bring them tighter together than ever before. At least until somebody dies from it.

"Always remember: If you're not the one laughing, then you're the sucker."

Office Prank

Jay Ferguson is many things. Deviously cunning, insanely creative, and always eager to unleash that rapier wit; he has been the bane of teachers,  classmates, and his entire neighborhood. But one thing he is not is a prankster. He is an artistic engineer of grandoise socially interactive antics.

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Because we've reached our goal ahead of schedule we are guaranteed to receive the full $3000. Anything over that is also given to us. So please, don't stop just yet! We still need funding for our post-production phase, the most expensive part of movie-making!

A huge and special THANKS to everyone who's donated so far to help us reach our goal. We've struggled really hard to bring this movie to production, and we are in the middle of shooting this week. Without this funding from Kickstarter, we wouldn't be able to take this footage and afford to process it.

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The problem with ordinary donuts is that crumbs and sugar can be easily wiped off.

But jelly-filled donuts? Those stains last forever.

— Jay

Ask the Master himself how to pull off the best tricks and get away with it


I like to compare myself to Banksy. However, he uses environments and objects, and is generally trying to make some sort of provacative statement. I, meanwhile, use people. And usually the only statement was that I was bored.

— Jay

By sharing some of his best tricks, Jay is willing to spread the joy. Or mayhem. Anything for a laugh... but at whose expense?

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